Put the right combination of certified professionals, processes and enterprise-strength technology partners at work to design, migrate and implement your IT infrastructure.
IT Essentials understands that making the necessary investments in your organization’s IT infrastructure can be intimidating. Not only do you need to decide what to buy, you must also determine the most effective way to implement it. Good choices can give you a decisive edge over your competition, while poor choices can limit your success. Since we know how critical these decisions are to our clients, we have put together a team of subject matter experts with the right blend of business savvy and technical knowledge to make this easier for you.
Our team holds many industry certifications, has proven experience and is backed by our authorization with key vendors that provide additional expertise when required, from simple upgrades to the most complex server deployments.

Examples of IT Project Services

  • Business continuity and disaster recovery

  • Security review and audit

  • Website development and design.

  • Conversion to managed or hosted services.

  • Application deployment and training.

  • AntiVirus and AntiSpam configuration.

  • Email system migration and upgrade.

  • Network and server implementation and upgrade.

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